Customer Testimonials

  • "I am so excited about SNIFF function! It is going to make it much faster to look at data. Much faster visualization. There will be a lot less trial and error."

    Kim Picard
    Geological Survey of Canada

See Your Sonar Data Like Never Before

You work hard to get the data – make sure you see all that it has to show. SonarWiz sidescan and sub-bottom sonar mapping software helps with sonar mission planning, data acquisition and post processing to ensure you use your time on the water effectively and capture all of the data you need before heading back to port.

This complete, easy to use solution increases surveyor productivity, simplifies the planning process, and enables you to produce high quality results.

Description and Benefits

SonarWiz is an all-in-one suite of programs for the real-time acquisition of sonar data, designed to meet all of your sonar mapping needs, save you time, and minimize your training costs.

Whatever your role – commercial sonar, oil & gas, navy and coast guard, education, construction, salvage, or research - SonarWiz helps you streamline the survey process and simplify the number of software programs you need to learn. It operates with all major sidescan and sub-bottom sonar manufacturers, so you won’t need to re-familiarize yourself with different applications each time you need to use different sonar equipment.

Key Benefits:

  • Only have to learn one powerful, easy to use software to complete any sonar survey
  • Advanced interactive planning tools lead to efficient and cost effective survey time on the water
  • Reduce costs by using real-time data acquisition to confirm quality and coverage before leaving operation area
  • Customize computer desktop to meet job requirements, save and recall setup for easy setup of subsequent missions
  • Intuitive interface follows survey workflow methodology making it easy to start using the system immediately
  • Results are easily shared with anyone using Internet Explorer
  • Unsurpassed on-site training and customer support to ensure you get the most from your investment

Recent Enhancements to SonarWiz

SonarWiz adds new features that make it extremely easy for surveyors to use. Based on feedback from our customers, we’ve added new capabilities that ensure you’ll spend your time completing the survey task at hand, not struggling to figuring out how to use your data mapping software. New features include: backscatter processing for bathymetry data, multiple simultaneous grid-type file generation by simple checkbox selection, faster loading waterfall views, improved core definition and a fresh new look.

Backscatter for Bathymetry

Backscatter Mosaic viewed in SonarWiz

Backscatter mosaic viewed in SonarWiz. (click to enlarge)

Backscatter post-processing is now available for bathymetric data including beam averaged and time-series (snippets) amplitude records. Automatic, whole-survey gain optimization can produce near seamless amplitude mosaics with almost no user interaction. Don’t spend another hour balancing gray levels between track lines again.

Faster Loading Waterfall Views

View of a Sidescan Waterfall within SonarWiz

View of a sidescan waterfall viewed in SonarWiz.  (click to enlarge)

Sidescan waterfall views present real-time or playback sonar data and the ability to see all sonarchannels.  This view requires a lot of memory especially in cases where three or four channels are displayed in real time.  We’ve tightened up the backend increasing memory efficiency and cutting load times significantly. 

SonarWiz has a fresh new look

Image of an example for layout manager

Application preview. (click to enlarge)

This latest version of SonarWiz exudes a fresh look through new icons, a bright color scheme and an intuitive interface. The less visible internal redesign not only makes SonarWiz a leaner application to allow faster processing speeds, it also opens the doors for future developments.

Product Capabilities: From mission planning to data acquisition and post processing, you won’t find a more complete system

SonarWiz includes numerous features that make it extremely easy for surveyors to plan their surveying mission, collect all of the data they need, and see everything that the data has to show. Designed to follow standard survey workflow methodology, it’s easy to start using the software immediately.

Survey and Mission Planning

Interactive planning tools lead to efficient and cost effective survey time on the water, including:

  • Use the automated survey line generator to create survey grid patterns
  • Estimate how much time various survey line patterns will take so you can select the best option
  • Export your preplanned survey to your GIS or CAD system

Data Acquisition

Ensure you capture everything you need, verify the data quality and coverage before leaving operation area. Here are just some of the Data Acquisition capabilities available in SonarWiz.

  • Decide which parameters to display and monitor with the user-configurable System Info Display window
  • Use the Real-time Mosaic Mode to control and manage the real-time mosaic generation process.
  • View targets in real-time by displaying the most recently captured contacts in a filmstrip-style window
  • Left-right survey line steering indicator makes the helmsman’s job easy
  • Display dual frequency sidescan sonar channels and sub-bottom simultaneously
  • Simultaneously acquire data from sonar, navigation sensor, depth sensor, payout meter and magnetometer
  • Locate and classify contacts on the mosaic during or after data acquisition


Easily combine different data formats to create sophisticated reports. Post processing capabilities include:

  • Supports over 20 sidescan data formats, 10 sub-bottom data formats and unlimited magnetometer data formats so you can post-process data collected from most third-party sonar data acquisition systems.
  • Generates crisp, dynamic mosaics quickly using the new 32-bit display
  • Generate sonar contact reports direct to standard file types with complete control over content and formatting.
  • Export in many raster and vector data types including sonar mosaics, digitized features, depth contours, magnetometer contours, survey and others to Google Earth KML/KMZ format.
  • Use the advanced navigation editor ZEdit to edit CSF or XTF files directly

Works with all major sonar manufacturers. You got it – we support it!

SonarWiz interfaces with most brands of commercially available sidescansonars, sub-bottom profilers, and magnetometers and echo sounders. Please see the SonarWiz datasheet for a list of supported sonar manufacturers and file formats , or contact us if you want to ask about a specific model.

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Supported Vendors

SonarWiz supports all major manufacturers’ file formats for import post processing and data acquisition.

SonarWiz datasheet

SonarWiz Datasheet Download