Customer Testimonials

  • "Your SonarWiz workshop in New Haven was outstanding. The Sound School served as an excellent venue for this type workshop. The time budgeted for the many topics covered was well planned. The opportunity to follow along with Mike and practice with this very powerful tool was enormously informative."

    Steve Crowley

Convenient Hands-On Training

We offer comprehensive training programs tailored to meet your specific needs.

We can deliver on-demand, hands-on training at your location. Or you can attend one of our pre-scheduled workshops offered up to four times a year in locations throughout the world.

Scheduled Training Courses

We schedule comprehensive hands-on training courses twice a year at locations around the world. Recently, we’ve offered courses in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Shanghai, China, and Galveston, TX.

We also often schedule courses around major industry tradeshows when we know many of our customers are likely to be in the same place at the same time.

Our schedule training course typically lasts 3 days, and covers the topics listed below, although we sometimes adjust the content to suit the requirements of registered attendees.

Course Title: Real-time Mosaic Processing Techniques

  • Gain knowledge on how to quickly configure a real-time sonar survey
  • Configuring navigation sensors, fathometer and magnetometer
  • Use the survey line planning and management tools
  • See base map and map overlay tools
  • Use the built-in quality controls

Course Title: Mosaic Post-Processing Techniques

  • Learn how to produce high-quality GIS compatible mosaics, web sites and reports
  • Understand the geodesy options
  • Use the point, polyline and polygon feature digitizing tools
  • Learn about the contact capture, analysis and reporting tools
  • Produce high-resolution mosaics in GIS compatible format
  • Use the Change Recognition Tools to compare previous data sets with a newly acquired data and locate targets
  • Learn to generate seabed classification maps in minutes

Course Title: Sub-bottom Data Processing

  • Acquire sub-bottom data
  • Generate image sections from SEG-Y and other industry file formats
  • Pick 3-D acoustic reflectors and save in CAD, GIS and ASCII formats
  • Position windows to customize the best layout for an efficient desktop

Please see our training calendar for a list of upcoming courses. If you would like to suggest a location for an upcoming course, please contact us.

On-Site Training

We offer custom training designed to your specific requirements and equipment, delivered at your location. This includes classroom elements as well as on-board, hands-on training at sea to ensure you have the opportunity to use our software in your specific setting and circumstances.

See the course outlines above as a starting point for what we can deliver on site. Final content will be customized based on the specific sonar equipment you’re using, where you’ll be operating and the types of surveys you’ll be conducting, and the output you want to generate.

Please contact us so we can discuss your needs, when we might conduct the training, and costs.

Training Calendar

Check our calendar for upcoming training courses near you, including registration details.

Upcoming Events

You might also want to review our events calendar for upcoming tradeshows, speaking engagements, and other opportunities for us to meet you in person.