Sidescan, Sub-Bottom, Bathymetry, Magnetometry

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Chesapeake Technology was launched with a simple mission – to make it easy to collect and interpret sonar data by making it easy to use our products. This has driven our on-going product enhancements and technology innovations – many of which are ideas submitted by users – and our dedication to provide the best customer service in the industry. We offer custom software and hardware solutions, as well as thought-leading consulting services to the hydrographic survey, marine geophysical, and geological survey industries throughout the world.

Our flagship product, SonarWiz, provides leading-edge sonar data acquisition and processing software for sidescan and sub-bottom sonar systems being used by hundreds of clients worldwide including NAVO, NOAA, USGS, and many of the world’s navies and universities.

Chesapeake Technology, Inc. (CTI) was founded in 1995 in the heart of Silicon Valley by John Gann, who continues to serve as CTO and overall go-to guy for our customers. John travels the world giving at-sea training, meeting with customers to learn how to make our products even better, presenting at conferences, and playing hockey whenever possible.



Sidescan and Sub-Bottom

SonarWiz is the industry all-in-one solution for geophysical, hydrographic, pipeline, and archaeological surveys as well as for security and SAR. It features easy-to-use survey management tools, reliable data acquisition, powerful post-processing, and flexible reporting options.

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Bathymetry and Magnetometry

Help dive teams and recovery personnel locate underwater artifacts, treasures and pipelines you seek to find, map, or recover with SonarWiz for Magnetometry. Collecting and processing bathymetry data is also a breeze with the SonarWiz for Bathymetry workflow and toolset.

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NMEAWiz and ImageToSEGY

NMEAWiz is a full-featured NMEA message generator and stress testing tool. ImageToSEGY enables you to save your scanned seismic paper records as fully conforming SEG-Y digital data files, complete with time stamps, fix marks, and interpolated navigation.

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        • Navies
        • Merchant Marines
        • State and Local Environmental Authorities
        • Energy Exploration Firms
        • Educational Institutions
        • Maritime History and Research Organizations
        • Dredging Operators
        • Telecommunications Companies
        • Police Departments
        • Coast Guard


    • Archaeological surveys and expeditions
    • Cable and pipeline surveys
    • Buried object location
    • Geohazard surveys
    • Search and Recovery
    • Marine Construction
    • Coastal Restoration
    • Environmental research


Chesapeake Technology has been offering sonar mapping software and thought-leading consulting services to the marine geophysical and geological survey industry for over 20 years. The latest version of our primary software offering, SonarWiz, provides leading-edge sonar data acquisition and processing software for sidescan, sub-bottom, swath bathymetry, and magnetometer systems. It is being used by hundreds of clients worldwide, including most of the world’s navies, NOAA, USGS, Fugro, Oceaneering, and leading academic institutions.

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“It is an excellent product to process Side Scan Sonar and SBP data. I am in the business since 1982 and from the very first time I used the program I decided to buy it (we rented it the first time) without any hesitation.

SonarWiz is an excellent product and the support is even better. Your support is more than perfect. Congratulations.”

  – Marcos Palisa, Hydronav Argentina S.A.

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We’re constantly upgrading SonarWiz, whether it’s to add or refine features, expand compatibility with other software and hardware, or integrate new and advanced algorithms to better process your data. While you’ll always have the version of SonarWiz that you purchased, EMA license renewals give you access to the latest version of SonarWiz, quarterly release notes, and 24/7 technical support.