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  • Please enter a few words about your application or area of interest so that we may better respond to your request. (Your entry is limited to 500 characters.) For a SonarWiz free trial, specifically let us know which feature set(s) you will be evaluating . These 4 feature sets correspond to the 4 different types of data which may be imported, adjusted, and exported: (1) sidescan, (2) bathymetry (interferometry and MBES), (3) sub-bottom (seismic data), and (4) magnetometry . We need to hear this from you, and will contact you about it, before proceeding with a free trial, if you do not answer here in the request form. Also, please tell us what sonar equipment you are using! Like Edgetech 4200 or Klein 5900 - whatever it is, please share this information. It will help us direct specific helpful tutorial information to you, like about how best to import file types from that equipment (e.f. XTF, JSF, SEG, SDF ...). The free trial does not support real-time data acquisition, only post-processing, so you can IMPORT , ADJUST, and VIEW any of the supported file types in SonarWiz, during the free trial.
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