SonarWiz for Magnetometry supports data logged as raw text and from serial port recording, whereby a channel of magnetometry data feeds into and is recorded as an embedded data channel in the sonar top-side unit in parallel with the sidescan sonar data (such as for EdgeTech and Klein models).

(Other models can be supported – just contact
for details)


Import your magnetometry data as a text file or as an embedded channel from a sonar file. As text file magnetometry data is template-based, use any of our existing 20+ templates or ask us to create one. Templates are currently available for the following types of pre-recorded magnetometry data and many more.

  • Dene boat specs and sensor positions relative to the vessel reference position with the Vessel Editor
  • Create a new project & import your bathymetric data files
  • Load and merge raw bathymetry data (range/angle) with attitude
    data (roll/pitch/heading), sound velocity casts, tide files, and auxiliary navigation data

Magnetometry real-time acquisition is included with all SonarWiz sidescan or sub-bottom real-time acquisition license purchases, while magnetometry post-processing is sold separately.



Upon data import, see the navigation plot or magnetometer amplitude in the Main Map View, alongside co-located sonar data.


Choose between two rendering options to display your magnetometer data in the Plan View.

Navigation Only

  • A basic navigation trace of the magnetometry data Color Coded Amplitude Segments
  • Color-coded segment lengths represent magnetometer amplitudes
  • 12 color palettes are available to display the color-coded data

Ambient Soothing Constant

  • Size of Moving Box Car Filter used to smooth the Ambient Magnetometer trace. Higher values correspond to more smoothing with 500 being the default value

Observed Smoothing Constant

  • Size of Moving Box Car Filter used to smooth the Observed Magnetometer trace. Higher values correspond to more smoothing with 20 being the default value.

This option allows the default (1Hz) sampling or removal of down sampling. Removing down sampling provides your data in full resolution.


Magnetometer post-processing supports the full range of navigation, filtering, smoothing, and repair that SonarWiz offers for sidescan and sub-bottom post-processing, using an import time-constant for source smoothing, ZEdit, and NavInjectorPro.


The ZEdit utility presents a graphical representation of magnetometer amplitude presented as a function of position. It allows repair, interpolation, or smoothing to any degree in order to digitally-filter your data.


Magnetometer data can be presented in an editor with color-coded raw, smoothed, and ambient magnetometer field strength data graphed. Anomalies may be manually or automatically detected and exported in a report. The anomaly report can be edited or sorted within SonarWiz or exported as a CSV text file for further editing.


In real-time, SonarWiz automatically builds a CMF file, loads it into your project, and displays the navigation of the magnetometer in the Map Window behind the vessel.

View / Download SonarWiz Supported Interfaces and File Formats PDF


      • Navies
      • Merchant Marines
      • State and Local Environmental Authorities
      • Energy Exploration Firms
      • Educational Institutions
      • Maritime History and Research Organizations
      • Dredging Operators
      • Telecommunications Companies
      • Police Departments
      • Coast Guard


  • Archaeological surveys and expeditions
  • Cable and pipeline surveys
  • Buried object location
  • Geohazard surveys
  • Search and Recovery
  • Marine Construction
  • Coastal Restoration
  • Environmental research

Customers & Partners

We are excited and honored by the range and quality of organizations that are using our products. Government agencies, top-notch universities, the largest and best commercial survey companies, and most of the world’s navies are among those that are seeing higher-quality results from their sonar mapping projects because they’re using CTI products.

Learn What Our Customers Have Created Using CTI Software

CENTER FOR COASTALOur corporate partner CCOM is a University of New Hampshire program aimed at creating a national center for expertise in ocean mapping and hydrographic sciences.

Mosaic-hydro Mosaic Hydro is a hydrographic surveys training company that Chesapeake works with for SonarWiz training services.



CTI customers can learn the software and stay up-to-date on the latest SonarWiz developments through:

  • Free trials

  • Custom training sessions held at your location

  • Quarterly webinars

  • Additional seminars held in conjunction with major industry conferences



We’re constantly upgrading SonarWiz, whether it’s to add or refine features, expand compatibility with other software and hardware, or integrate new and advanced algorithms to better process your data. While you’ll always have the version of SonarWiz that you purchased, EMA license renewals give you access to the latest version of SonarWiz, quarterly release notes, and 24/7 technical support.



SonarWiz is compatible with more than 50 data formats making it a great one-stop-shop for processing data whether you’re working with sidescan, sub-bottom, bathymetry or magnetometry data.


  • View your data in full resolution data with flexible down sampling settings.
  • Detect anomalies, take advantage of measuring, editing, and summary reporting.
  • Slice and dice data with grid and contour export options.
  • Download Magnetometry Datasheet

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