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NMEAWiz is a full-featured NMEA message generator and stress testing tool. This utility enables both developers and users to generate various NMEA-0183 message formats in order to evaluate the effects of variations in speed, heading, depth, and position on GPS, compass, and other shipboard sensors.


NMEAWiz now allows you to send your own custom test data to any serial port or UDP port at your specified rate. This feature is extremely useful for running product demos and creating test scenarios for applications that use data sets other than NMEA.

NMEAWiz generates many different NMEA-0183 messages in both version 1.5 and 2.0 formats, enabling you to fully test any NMEA-0183 device. With NMEAWiz you don’t have to wonder how your program will respond to noise, aberrations in speed, heading, or depth. Now you’ve got the tool to test it and prove it!

The friendly user interface allows you to key in any position, speed, heading, or depth and instantly have the continuous output of selected NMEA messages transmitted over the serial port or UDP port of your choice. NMEAWiz is great for running product demos where live data enhances the product’s real-time features. Now that NMEAWiz support sending any data through the serial port or UDP port, you’ll be able to create virtually any test scenario you like.


  • Intuitive easy-to-use graphical user interface for Windows 95/98/NT, XP, VISTA, Windows7, 8, or 10

  • Supports serial output to COM1-COM16 or any UDP port, as well as logging to hard drive

  • Simulates the output of GPS receivers, fathometers, and heading sensors

  • Supports GGA, GLL, RMA, RMC, DBT, DPT, SBT, VHW, HDT, VTG, ZDA, MWD, MWV, DTM, GNS, SBP, DBS, and other NMEA-0183 message formats

  • Records output from any RS-232 device and provides “clocked” playback feature

  • Create NMEA test data files for driving demos — Great for trade shows!

  • Supports the NMEA-0183 1.x and 2.x standards

  • Complete control over position, speed, heading, and depth

  • Output rates from 50ms to 10s inter-message interval

  • Baud rates from 110 to 38400 bps

  • Send any message format by reading from a simple text file

  • Best of all – multiple instances of the program can run on the same PC: Simulate a GPS stream, fathometer, heave sensor, magnetometer – all with one NMEAWiz license

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