• Bottom track data manually or use automated tools
  • Correct sub-bottom data for tide and draft variables using the Datum Align to Bathy Grid feature
  • Fix navigation data with NavInjectorPro
  • Polish your data with the Heave Compensation Swell Filter
  • Organize acoustic reflectors with annotations
  • Compare reflectors and generate thickness vectors with the Isopach and Thickness Tool
  • Interpret your data with zoom, pan, measurement and image scaling tools
  • Annotate the data using the Core Mapping Tool
  • Visualize multiple lines, DTMs, sonar mosaics, xyz amplitude clouds, and digitized features plus analyze intersections in the 3D Viewer

Additional Benefits

  • The sub-bottom profiler package also includes navigation, fathometer, and magnetometer inputs so you get a broad perspective of a survey area.
  • Mid and post-survey digitizing tools and interactive visualization tools enable users to preview and audit data ensuring all necessary data was collected before concluding a survey.
  • SonarWiz saves you time with its automatic bottom tracker, semiautomatic seabed classification algorithm, and isopach and thickness tool.
  • A full spectrum of export options, including a wide variety of supported GIS and CAD systems – including MicroStation, AutoCAD, ArcGIS, Google Earth, and Adobe Acrobat 3D – enable you to further use and process your raw and processed data.


  • EdgeTech 2000 (SS & SBP), 3000, 3200, FSSB
  • GeoAcoustics GeoPulse Analog and GeoPulse Plus Digital
  • Innomar SB
  • Klein 3000 (SS & SBP)
  • Knudsen SB
  • Odom Echotrac CVM
  • SyQwest Hydrobox, Stratabox, Bathy PC, Bathy 2010PC
  • Teledyne-Benthos Chirp III, and 1625, Teledyne-Hugin AUV
  • Additionally with a CTI 16-bit or 24-bit analog interface box, SonarWiz is compatible with Sparkers, Boomers, Boomer Plates (e.g. Applied Acoustics CSP, AAE Boomer plate, EG&G Uniboom, Datasonic Bubble Pulser, GeoAcoustics Geopulse, and the Ross 4900/4920, for examples)


  • SEG-Y, XTF, JSF, GCF, COD, DAT, SDF, RAW, V4Log, ODC, KEB, TRA, and Mala GPR *.RAD
  • View / Download SonarWiz Supported Interfaces and File Formats PDF


        • Navies
        • Merchant Marines
        • State and Local Environmental Authorities
        • Energy Exploration Firms
        • Educational Institutions
        • Maritime History and Research Organizations
        • Dredging Operators
        • Telecommunications Companies
        • Police Departments
        • Coast Guard


    • Archaeological surveys and expeditions
    • Cable and pipeline surveys
    • Buried object location
    • Geohazard surveys
    • Search and Recovery
    • Marine Construction
    • Coastal Restoration
    • Environmental research

    Customers & Partners

    We are excited and honored by the range and quality of organizations that are using our products. Government agencies, top-notch universities, the largest and best commercial survey companies, and most of the world’s navies are among those that are seeing higher-quality results from their sonar mapping projects because they’re using CTI products.

    Learn What Our Customers Have Created Using CTI Software

    CENTER FOR COASTALOur corporate partner CCOM is a University of New Hampshire program aimed at creating a national center for expertise in ocean mapping and hydrographic sciences.

    Mosaic-hydro Mosaic Hydro is a hydrographic surveys training company that Chesapeake works with for SonarWiz training services.



    CTI customers can learn the software and stay up-to-date on the latest SonarWiz developments through:

    • Free trials

    • Custom training sessions held at your location

    • Quarterly webinars

    • Additional seminars held in conjunction with major industry conferences



    We’re constantly upgrading SonarWiz, whether it’s to add or refine features, expand compatibility with other software and hardware, or integrate new and advanced algorithms to better process your data. While you’ll always have the version of SonarWiz that you purchased, EMA license renewals give you access to the latest version of SonarWiz, quarterly release notes, and 24/7 technical support.



    SonarWiz is compatible with more than 50 data formats making it a great one-stop-shop for processing data whether you’re working with sidescan, sub-bottom, bathymetry or magnetometry data.

    Sub-Bottom Profiler

  • Track sub-bottom data manually or use automated tools.
  • Correct sub-bottom data for tide and draft variables using the Datum Align to Bathy Grid feature.
  • Fix navigation data with NavInjectorPro.
  • Polish data with the Heave Compensation Swell Filter.
  • Track acoustic reflectors with annotations.
  • Compare reflectors to generate thickness vectors with the Isopach and Thickness Tool.
  • Annotate data with the Core Mapping Tool.
  • Visualize digitized features and analyze intersections in the 3D Viewer.
  • Download SonarWiz Sub-Bottom Datasheet

    About US

    Chesapeake Technology has been offering sonar mapping software and thought-leading consulting services to the marine geophysical and geological survey industry for over 20 years. The latest version of our primary software offering, SonarWiz, provides leading-edge sonar data acquisition and processing software for sidescan, sub-bottom, swath bathymetry, and magnetometer systems. It is being used by hundreds of clients worldwide including most of the world’s navies, NOAA, USGS, Fugro, Oceaneering, and leading academic institutions.

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